I reached a certain stage in life.

I had to get bone-crushingly honest with myself, and identify everything that wasn’t serving me.

It all felt so pointless hanging on to it… so I’ve given up…

Given up speaking anything but my truth.

Given up worrying about what others think about me speaking my truth.

Given up making apologies to those who resent my happiness.

Given up making an effort with those who make none.

Given up being around those who feel I should have no boundaries so that they may take advantage of me.

Given up being with those who project who they expect me to be, to the point that they cannot see who I actually am.

Given up projecting that same behaviour onto others.

Given up taking on anyone else’s baggage or anger.

Given up taking part in arguments which do not involve me.

Given up being the victim of any kind of manipulation or mind games.

In fact, I’ve given up being abused in any way whatsoever.

Because I’ve given up victimhood and feeling guilty when it comes to saying ‘No’.

Given up feeling fearful. If I’m not afraid of death, then what else is there to be afraid of?

Given up not trusting my own intuition.

Given up feeling opinionated at anyone else’s opinion on life… happy to let them be. They’re entitled to their own journey.

Given up trying with those who put so much additional meaning onto simple words, that communication becomes a constant need to justify. People are entitled to apply whatever meaning they wish to anything.

I’ve given up justifying myself.

Given up feeling offended.

Given up resisting my fullest experience of happiness.

I’ve given up. Given up holding on to anything that was holding me back.

Given up creating barriers to protect myself. I don’t need them. I am more than strong enough.

I embrace my vulnerability, and along with that, immense inner strength and courage.

I’ve given up the need to feel annoyed by any of the above if and when they happen.

And happen they will, because others have not given them up.

But I have. For me, it’s game over.

I surrender to a peaceful inner state.