By Andrew Nicholson

Trust is without a doubt the foundation to a strong relationship.

It can be broken for 2 main reasons:

  • If one partner struggles with insecurity – if they don’t love themselves, then they can struggle to believe another can. Checking up on and over-questioning your partner can often push them into doing exactly what is most feared. This is why self-love is a vital element to a happy relationship.
  • If one partner has displayed signals that they are untrustworthy through not sharing their whole truth and having few healthy boundaries.

Often the latter can cause the former, particularly for women. So if a man chooses to have few boundaries and then tries to convince his partner her instincts are incorrect, she will begin to mistrust her own inner guidance system. When a woman is unable to trust her own intuition, then her behaviour will reflect this and the relationship is unlikely to be plain sailing.

Trusting ourselves first and foremost is the key to trusting another, particularly for women where female intuition is part of the essence and fibre of her entire being.

The key to trust – share your whole truth. Enjoy a relationship which is as open and transparent as possible. Your partner should never feel guilty asking you what you did that day or what your future plans are.

Remember, when your partner does share their truth, the way you respond will determine whether they do again. Don’t make it easier for them to lie in order to keep the peace.

And rebuilding trust – when trust is broken, it is not automatically rebuilt simply because you have shared your truth. It takes time, and a series of positive actions until brick by brick, the foundation is rebuilt and the difference in behaviour becomes the norm. It is up to the one who has broken the trust to rebuild it.

Incidentally, sharing the truth and dealing with the consequences early on, breaks up far fewer relationships than long term lies. The more truth and openness you share, the more connected your partner will feel towards you.

The more trust a woman can have in her man, the more certainty she feels, the more loving she becomes and the more she relaxes into the relationship… the more she will adore and respect her partner in the way every man loves to be respected. She will also be more open to fulfilling his needs.

Obviously the need for trust applies to both men and women – this goes without saying. However, trust, honesty and openness are so vital to a woman’s happiness within a relationship, that most men probably aren’t fully aware just how much it counts. I certainly wasn’t until a few years ago.